Cannabis Concierge Program

Cannabis Concierge Program

First-Of-Its-Kind Cannabis Concierge Program On The Ship

The on- board dispensary will be stocked with wellness goods, including cannabis-infused lotions and shampoos, as well as a full range of cannabis products. Guests will be encouraged to share feedback to get the experience they are seeking with concierges who can modify their dosages and delivery methods. White Rose is taking a strategic step to promote Cannabis tourism and specializing in developing strategic marketing solutions linking the tourism and cannabis industries.

Engaging With Our Farm

As the first cruise ship is to introduce the service, which is extended to adult guests who have access to customized in-room menus featuring low-dose and noninhalation hemp and cannabis products. However, the ship would maintain a strict anti-smoking and vaping policy inits grounds. room (even on patios) and anywhere on its grounds.


Terpenes and flavonoids give cannabis its taste. Terpenes are found in fruit and plants. For example, the main terpene in a lemon is called limonene.The taste may even show some similarity to fruits such as mango, orange and lemon.As terpenes also have medicinal value there are significant potential medical benefits of genetically crossing / mixing different strains of flowers to address different health needs

Green House On The Ship

Cannabis can be grown in different soils and environments. The indoor GMP cannabis grown in clean rooms is by far the cleanest cannabis and is regarded as the best quality product. The hydroponic process used to cultivate the plants is the most technologically advanced approach. High pressure aeroponic is also a very effective way to grow plants but it is too risky and expensive to be used for industrial production. Indoorgrown hydroponic cannabis enjoy the highest market demand. Their would be a complete indoor cannabis growing facility producing own fine breed of cannabis with PREMIUM GENETICS of THC: 29.8%* CBD: 17.8 % with CBG: 17.3 % ** and * 33.1% THC strain, coming soon.