Clinics At Sea

Cosmetic Surgery at Sea

A Fully fitted Hospital specializing in cosmetics surgery will give passengers an all-encompassing modern luxury experience. Our hospital and dental clinic will give users a professional affordable cosmetic surgical treatments and dentistry in a secure and luxurious environment.

The First cosmetic Hospital on the move – one of its kind, will be equipped with modern medical facilities and 24 Hrs. care ensuring the best possible results for treatments. All cosmetic procedures and care will be carried out by experienced medical professionals giving unmatchable standards of care.

Extraordinary standards of care means extraordinary results, with short treatment time and quick lasting recoveries. A comprehensive and interdisciplinary network of specialists will offer personalized treatment from diagnosis to recovery. This is complemented with our 24/7 patient helpline and a 3-year aftercare program.

IVF at Sea

The IVF Pharmaceutical industry has grown by 60% in indirect response to the increase in the world infertile population. The Procedure itself can be well-planned and can be done with maximum revenue generation. Therefore, it can be executed in areas where we can plan it in vacation days too.

In terms of feasibility, there are no major risk factors in the procedure itself as it can be done with or without sedation. There will be a high success rate where the procedure is done in the same cycle or in a segmental treatment schedule.