Holographic Exhibition Hall

White Rose Cruise provides Hologram Exhibition halls. It is a system that combine augmented reality technology with conventional holographic display.

White Rose Cruise would help you to prepare a complete 3D Digital Profile of your products and services. This will allow your clients the possibility to see any customizations or amendments they make to the products prior to purchase and prior to your manufacturing the customized Item.

As an Example, Let’s say that the product on display for sale is a car. As with all vehicles, it comes with a various set of options – the colors for the interior and exterior, the dashboard displays and many others. With this augmented reality technology, the client will be able to see and amendments he or she makes to the car before signing or making a commitment. The Client will be able to visualize all the details as If the actual vehicle is in front of him.

Elevate your brand products with a Holographic Display in one of our Exhibition halls. You will have a special place field with all your catalog, ready to be seen by any potential client.

The product profile, which includes 3D Photos of your products, would be Exhibited on all White Rose Cruise ships.

The holographic exhibition halls can be integrated into stages, auditoriums or conference rooms where future clients can see, hear and interact with a full-sized 3D holographic.