Holographic Meeting Room

Imagine being able to interact with your team or colleagues without really being there physically. Not Possible, you say? Well then, allow us to Explain.

Due to the Pandemic in the recent years, the modern workspace has undergone a major transformation of how employees perform their tasks and duties.

Online video conferencing tools help enhance communication among employees that are working remotely, however, many aspects of face to face communication, such as nonverbal communication, body language, and more, are harder to detect or are missing altogether.

While, in recent weeks, physical meetings are happening, there is always the fear of a safety risk lingering. Therefore, even with Social Distancing Rules and masks present, meetings among a large number of participants is not feasible.

At White Rose Cruise, we have a solution for you.

HLC is emerging as the global leader in the development, known as well for the marketing and production but also by broadcasting of realistic, life-sized, interactive 3D holographic video shows and effects.

These interactive 3D Holographs create spectacular, immersive, multi-media presentations with 3D holographic images so real, our virtual holographic meetings feel like actual gatherings and are definitely safe.

Step back for a moment and consider all the challenges of having 5 or 10 people in different cities all interacting in the same time, such as collectively watching a live presentation, passing 3D objects back and forth, and taking turns talking without constant hiccups.

With HLC holographic capabilities, the participants can now interact the same way as if they were here in person without the use of additional equipment, such as 3D Glasses or visible Cameras …