Products and Services Available at White Rose Cruise

Please find below the list of Products and Services offered by White Rose Cruise.

Please note that these items are available exclusively on our Website and can only be purchased via White Rose Coins.

No other method of payment can be used for these purchases.

The Products and services are:

  • Purchasing Real Estate on the Cruise Ship.
  • Purchasing Gold and Diamond Jewelry.
    • These Items will be made available Starting June 14th, 2022
  • Purchasing Tea and Coffee from our Specialty Collection
    • These Items will be made available Starting April 1st, 2022
  • Booking services onboard the Cruise ship (Available Starting December 2022)
    • Your Cruise Booking
    • Hotel Room Reservations on Cruise Ship Hotel
    • Cosmetics Surgery and IVF Treatment onboard
    • Weddings and Special Events in the Ballrooms onboard
    • Booking of any of our Holographic Services (Meetings – 3D Display – Exhibition Halls)
    • Booking one of our Offices onboard the Cruise Ship
    • Our Business Setup Services for investors and entrepreneurs
    • Other Activities onboard the Cruise ship