White Rose Coin

White Rose Coin is an investment platform for the White Rose Cruise ship. Through these coins, investors can purchase fractional interests in assets, taking advantage of the positives of blockchain technology, and bank-grade cryptographic security to protect their assets.

White Rose Coin is a Security Token. Unlike cryptocurrency, which is a digital medium of exchange, a token denotes ownership in something of value and can be redeemed for that item. This can be a service or it can be property, Intellectual or Physical in nature.

By using blockchain technology, we eliminate the need for third parties and centralization. Not only will this lower the risk of a cybersecurity attack but also it will help create an open system where any person can invest without having to go through any intermediaries or channels. This will make an investment in assets and commodities open to the free market as well fostering transparency on a global scale.

One of the opportunities that come with investing and trading in White Rose Coins is a simplified investment in real estate on the Cruise.

White Rose Cruise is offering you a chance of a lifetime to invest in Luxurious Serviced Apartments on its Ships. White Rose Cruise is the first Cruise Liner to offer tokenized units for investment, which makes them not only affordable but also available to nearly anyone around the world.

Be among the first who capitalize on this pioneer investment opportunity.

Please note that the White Rose Coin would entitle the holder as a fractional owner; However, it will not provide free access or free use of the products and services available onboard any of the Ships.

This is an investment that will allow fractional ownership of real estate through tokens, which in exchange for the investment, the holder will be provided with an Annual Return on your Investment – for as long as the holder retains possession of the coins.

Another opportunity of investing in White Rose Coin is the use of the currency for all products and services sold through White Rose Cruise. These Items range from multiple types of commodities such as Gold, Jewelry … to services available on the Cruise ship itself.

These products and services offered, listed below, can be purchased only via White Rose Coin and no other method of payment.

White Rose Coin will be available starting March 1st, 2022